Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retirement Home for sale

Everybody plans to retire at some point in their life and most of us have our own vision of what that will be like.  Probably your vision of a retirement home will not be anything at all like the home you live in today.  I would wager that like me, your idea of a great place to retire includes warmer climates, golf courses or beaches and the like, it might include being surrounded by your kids and grand kids and whether this is right or wrong, it's a healthy way to see the future.

But then there comes the time when health of one spouse or the other begins to weaken; and we continue to grow older, our parts wear out and the damn doctors can be so restrictive.  But active seniors should rejoice--enjoyable life doesn't have to come to a screeching halt just because going to Disney World is no longer a burning desire. There are lots of really nice retirement communities where a good "quality of life" and time with other folks is more important than the vacation atmosphere.

One such community--and the one I have intimate knowledge of--is Londonderry Retirement Community, located in Easton, Maryland. It could not be more lovely, and is a collection of buildings including some apartments, but also many smallish homes, some are 1-bedroom, but many have 2 bedrooms, plus living/family rooms and kitchens with stainless appliances and granite counter tops.  Some of the homes even have sun rooms or screened porches and patios. But in spite of the in-home amenities, there are dozens of activities and all the public rooms of a moderate-sized college.

Meals are enjoyed in a large gracious dining room, with a menu that changes daily.  There are the standard deli items, but usually there are three or four entrees from which to choose, at either lunch or dinner.  If you walk around the campus you'll find there is a fine library, lovely glassed-in sun porch, and a living room where games like Wii are played, movies are watched and parties are held. In the Manor house, which is an historic home on xxx creek, there are a number of public areas, including a billiard room, private dining rooms, screened porches for receptions and a wonderful octagonal swimming pool and croquet field--all in a waterfront layout.

Folks who live in Londonderry get 24 hour security, a nurse on call, and assistance whenever it's needed.  They enjoy a free membership to the YMCA, and have several buses to run them into town for hair appointments, doctor visits and general shopping.

The homes are usually sold, although there is at least one for rent right now. You can become an owner--depending on the size of the unit you pick--for something in the $200,000 to $240,000 range.  There is a monthly fee that includes all services, meals, security, medical overview, taxes, plus electric and maintenance. Londonderry is a Cooperative and it is overseen by the members who live there, but operated by professional managers, so the services offered are all top quality.

These homes are not listed in any MLS or with any Realtor. For more information, call Michelle Burgoon, 410-820-8732.  or  410-820-4295. Tell her Dane sent you.

Dane Hahn is a Real Estate professional practicing in both New Hampshire and Florida (and is an owner of one of the units at Londonderry that is for sale).  You can reach him at 941-681-0312 or 603-566-5460. Or send him an email at


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